Cancer is Fungus?

Both Can Ferment

As fungus ferments, it excretes toxins into the body. This overwhelms the immune system and causes many diseases.

Both Thrive on Sugar

Replace Sugar with Stevia or Xylitol. Starve fungus by creating a less acidic environment. Cellular Tea will safely alkalize the bloodstream.

Both Can Colonize

Both Fungus and Cancer can colonize (create tumors).

Both Have More Chromosomes…

Both Cancer and Fungus have more chromosomes and a larger nucleus than human cells.

Tumors Are White

Photographs of tumors that have had the blood washed away, are white like most fungi

Both Can Attach to Human Tissue

Fungus can attach and hide in human tissue, including bone.

Both Can Grow Fast

Both Cancer and Fungus can multiply faster than human cells.

Both Have a Hard Cell Wall

Both Cancer and Fungus have a hard cell wall, human cells don’t.

Both Spread Like Parasites

Both Cancer and Fungus grow and spread like parasites.

Neither Needs Oxygen

Neither Cancer nor Fungus needs oxygen to survive. Human cells do.

A Weakened Immune System Allows Fungus to Thrive

Remove toxins safely with Cellular Tea and the immune system will have a fighting chance to do what nature created it to do.