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Q: Did Cellular Tea go by another name before?

A: Yes. It was originally formally known as Cancer Tea ® and was registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office by its developer, Andrew Wilson. Registration #2537904 (Feb 12, 2002).

Q: Is this the same Cellular Tea mentioned in the book "Become healthy in spite of Doctors"? (By Researcher Doug Ellison)

A: Yes

Q: Are Organic Herbs used in the formula

A: Yes

Q: How long will the tea last after brewing it?

A. Cellular Tea may be refrigerated up to 3 weeks after brewing. It is recommend to brew the tea each time you need it. Cellular Tea is instant. Water must be filtered or distilled.

Q: Do I heat my tea in the microwave?

A: Never microwave the brewed tea. Certain ingredients in the tea will lose their effectiveness if you microwave it. Heat water only.

Q: Should I strain my tea before drinking it?

A: No, do not strain. The residue is beneficial and should be consumed.

Q: When detoxifying the body, should I drink more water?

A: Yes, drink healthy water and liquids during the day to help the body flush out the toxins from your system.

Q: Is it safe to have my pet drink the tea?

Yes! Seek advice from your veterinarian. Use 1/2 dosage for pets. You may also add the Cellular Tea powder to wet pet foods. 1/4 teaspoon at a time or more for larger pets. Add to pet food and mix. For cats: 1/8 dosage of humans.

Q: Should I add sugar to my tea?

No. Do not add sugar. Sugar is Cancer’s favorite food. (Nutritional Science News, April, 2000) The tea has a pleasant herbal taste, enjoy it. (You may add honey if desired.)

Q: How is Cellular Tea an accelerated version of ESSIAC

A: Cellular Tea is state of the art science that took over 22 years to perfect. Cellular Tea was created by cellular-science that was not available in the 1920’s when the Native American culture first introduced the old 4-herb tea. Essiac tea is an outdated formula that does not meet the scientific level of Cellular Tea.

Q: What about FLOR-Essence Tea endorced by Elaine Alexander?

A: A FLORA executive shared that Elaine Alexander died from ovarian cancer, and the company immediately stopped manufacturing & selling Flor-Essence Tea for about 2 years.

Q: Is Cellular Tea available in bottled form?

A. Not at this time. The bottled quarts of Cellular Tea was costly to manufacture and ship by the case. (599.00 for 6 Quarts) Cellular Tea is now available in powdered form to save on production & shipping fees. To make over 6-gallons is now only 69.00 retail. The powdered form will last for months even years before brewing.

Q: Can Cellular Tea be applied topically?

A. Yes. Shake bottle of brewed tea. Pour brewed tea into a small container, add gauze bandages. Apply gauze bandages soaked in brewed Cellular Tea to desired area, and remove after 7-8 hours or as needed. Re-apply a new application after 7-8 hours. Do not cross-contaminate soaked gauze. Keep refrigerated only up to 3-weeks after brewing. If desired, feel free to add more Cellular Tea powder when brewing to make it more potent for gauze application.

Q: Are there any side effects with Cellular Tea?

A. There are no outrageous side effects but in the course of any detoxification process, one may experience: a slight headache, a brief breakout or more frequent bowel movements. Certain medical conditions regarding the use of specific herbs should be researched and discussed with your heath care professional. The best side effect is that you may help boost your immune system!

Q: Can I take Cellular Tea while undergoing chemotherapy?

A: Yes. There are no contraindications with chemotherapy. Ask your doctor if you have specific concerns. Your system needs help in detoxing after taking chemotherapy.

Q: What is the primary cause of a disease?

A: The primary cause is the accumulation of toxic compounds coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level. Also: Retaining more toxins in your body than you can effectively eliminate, will wreak havoc on your health.

Q: What about 3rd party claims about Cellular Tea?

A: Cellular Tea does not endorse any 3rd party claims or testimonies. It is against FDA Law for Cellular Tea to make any healing claims. 3rd party claims of others are protected under freedom of speech.