The Vicious Cycle that Kills

The brain knows better
but eyes convince the lips
the hands obey
the hips get fatter
the body pays the price
rotten choices aren’t nice
the liver works overtime
adrenals exhausted all the time
what’s the matter says the bladder
kidneys throwing stones
lack of calcium is breaking the bones
trusting toxic prescriptions
without logical hesitations
there are dying cells
the ears hear
the mind rebels
its back to the lips
rotten choices or toxic pills
the vicious cycle that kills

A Truth about Chemotherapy

Anonymous Oncologist

Chemotherapy, a POISON: Kills 4 times faster than the disease.
According a DATELINE, over 100,000 people a year die from prescriptions.

That’s over 1,900 people dying in a plane crash every week!
Would you get on an airplane with those statistics?

Chemotherapy may create lymphoma or leukemia a few years later.
Survival may not be possible because you have been poisoned so horribly.

Your doctor and chemo may not cure you.
But he cashes all your checks…and you vomit until you die.

The doctor gives you to the hospital
The hospital gives you to the mortician
The mortician gives you to the cemetery
They Bury You!

It’s really about how much the insurance company will pay!
How much the doctor will get paid!
How much medication you have to take!
How people trusted toxic poison!
How does toxic poison CURE CANCER?

God’s way is nature’s way, and a kind and merciful way.
Choose to live Healthy!
Don’t blame tobacco companies for your choices.
The biggest cause of all disease in America: The end of a fork.

Nobody can cure you of WRONG DECISIONS!